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Recently, the Honorable Judge Grischow ruled on the 166 school districts in a teacher mandate case and a student / parent mandate case. The judge ruled in favor of the TRO for 700+ parents/students and teachers. She also ruled that school districts cannot take health advice from the Governor, IDPH, or ISBE. Her rule also stated that EO18. Eo24, and EO25 are null and void. 

 I am proud that I was part of this lawsuit to protect my son's rights and his education.  

Responsibilities of the Regional Office of Education Superintedent of Schools

Per the Illinois Association of Regional Superintendents of Schools website:

The Regional Superintendent of Schools is the chief administrative officer of a Regional Office of Education, and the only elected education professional office in Illinois. ROEs are essential support offices partnering with the Illinois State Board of Education to support local school districts.

As an intermediate agency between the Illinois State Board of Education and local school districts, the office of the Regional Superintendent performs regulatory functions as directed by the Illinois School Code.


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"Furries" in Education

Recently, students have been reporting that "Furries" have become popular in the schools. It's not like cos play or just playing "dress up'. It goes deeper than that. Students are pretending to be animals (specifically cats, dogs, and monkeys) but are making threats towards other students.

This is not acceptable in a learning environment. The Dupage Policy Journal published a story on April 27, where students at Hinsdale Central High School have allowed "furries" to wear animal costumes at school. This is not just playing dress up. These students believe to identify as real animals. 

When has education been so relaxed in rules and less focused on education? This high school is not the only one that is accepting of this new, dare I say, trend. It's been reported by students and staff members at Minooka School District 201 that two of the schools have students acting like animals by hissing and barking at other students in the hallway and lunch rooms. Students are scared to go near them as they are unsure what they (as humans) will do. 

My son attends one of these schools where this takes place. As a parent, do I have to worry everyday that something might happen to my son because the administration allows this to happen? I am not going to wait around for that chance. 

It's time we act on making sure school policy prohibits this nonsense of taking away the learning while promoting other nonsense in the schools. 

Email your administration and board members today if this is happening in your schools. We have already made history by overturning the Governor's illegal mandates. It's time to take back local control of our schools or there might not be any schools for the kids to go back to.

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